St. John’s Medical Center

After completion of the new hospital Miller Environmental, Inc. was contracted to perform complete asbestos – lead abatement and demolition of the former St. John’s Medical Center which consisted of a seven (7), five (5) and two (2) story concrete and steel structures all containing basements. The structures encompassed 2 city blocks and contained 450,000 SF.  The main challenge of the project was removing all of the debris from a service road and working within 8’ of the new $300,000,000 facility.

Work involved crushing 45,000 tons of concrete on-site and placing the material in the basements as fill, recycling 3,500 tons of steel and rebar, and 200 tons of nonferrous material such as copper pipe, aluminum, and lead sheeting. We are currently in the final stages of backfill which includes importing 18,000 CY of clean soil to achieve the final grade.

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